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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I just had to share this photo of our Cassy girl.  Dave caught her in a very relaxed mood this afternoon and got what I am certain are the best photos we've gotten of her--in three years!  

It was three years ago just about now that we rescued her, she was perhaps 10 months old and, although we do not know exactly what happened in her first 10 months of life, we know it was all very bad.  

This is a picture of her, taken at one of the two shelters she was processed through.  I can barely look at this photo, the look in her eyes, the tense stance of her body.  She was skin and bones with mange thrown in.  It breaks our hearts to know that she suffered before she landed with her foster mom Denise.  On the intake form for the ASPCA in NYC, where she was surrendered by her owner, her temperament test described her as "nonreactive, shut down, disinterested in surroundings."  Cassy?  Impossible.  How could those "professionals" not recognize a terribly sensitive dog who'd be beaten down and scared out of her wits. 

 We have put all that in the past, and here is a photo of the dog named Cassy as she is today.  Isn't she simply fabulous?  We think so.  


  1. Very, very sweet, and her relaxed look is surely due to the good care she knows she can count on now.

  2. It almost breaks my heart to look at that first picture...you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has been abused. Lucky girl to end up with you and lucky you to have her..


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