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Saturday, February 12, 2011


When these came on the market, my friend Sue and I discussed them at length, as we do everything, and decided we just didn't understand what the attraction would be and declared that one of them would never darken our doorsteps.   

  Well, wrong again, ladies.  
My honey bought me a Kindle for Valentine's Day, our Anniversary and Mother's Day.  It is not an inexpensive gift, especially with the cover and light thrown in. 

It is very difficult for me to get to the Library any more, and although the Bookmobile comes to my street, it hasn't been able to get here in the storms and even if it did show up, it's all too icy out there for me to walk to where it is parked.  So, that's one part of the reason I "needed" a Kindle.  

The other reason is I'm dumber than a box of hammers most of the time, and reading a book can be a challenge.  I knew I was in trouble when I was reading a very simple mystery with a moderate amount of simple characters in it and when I got to the part where they revealed "Fred did it!"  I was left holding the book saying "Who the heck is Fred?"  That time and many others, I've spent an awful lot of time flipping back through books to find where a character was first introduced so I could understand what was going on.  And, since I no longer have normal feeling in my fingertips, handling a book can be tiresome, especially when flipping through it page by page to find a name.  

The Kindle has a "search" feature, you can easily search from the beginning of the book to find that elusive character that's popped back into the scene. The Kindle has two dictionaries that will define words for me, that is cool beans also.  

My first download is of a 99 cents easy reading Ivy Malone Mystery, the first in the series.  My second download was this month's Reader's Digest.  I'm loving this!!!  


  1. OK, I am jealous. I ah]]have wanted one of these for a while. I'll have to show Mike this post.

  2. I got a Nook for Christmas and I have been loving it. Like you I couldn't imagine wanting an eReader but I'm so glad I made the leap. You can bookmark pages where new characters are introduced which is great for bigger complicated books, too.

  3. What a sweet Uncle Dave! I don't anticipate my father doing the same (sorry Mom). Sounds like it is the perfect gift for you, enjoy.

  4. Oh nice, So keep us updated on what you read.

  5. I particularly like the pink cover.

  6. Hi Angela, lovely to meet you, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely message!
    Arent poodles just adorable? Yours looks so cute too!
    Logan is just so much fun, he won his way into our hearts within seconds!
    Hope you enjoy your new Kindle,what a lovely gift!So glad to have found your blog!


  7. Angela, I forgot to say how glad I am that you've been inspired to get out the vintage linen after all those years!The workmanship that went into the embroidered traycloths, tablecloths etc really amazes me. Even if you just look at them, enjoy them, maybe even use a few things in your home...vintage is pretty trendy now!
    Also forgot to say that I just love the pink cover to your kindle!

  8. I also love the pink cover, it makes it easy to spot in a room. I think I might paint the house phone bright green, my cell phone bright orange.....etc., etc.

  9. The other nice thing about the Kindle is that you can lend your books.


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