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Friday, January 14, 2011


Over the holidays and now in early January, I have been doing more than just cooking, eating and playing with the critters.  I have actually gotten some things done in the sewing room.  Small projects that needed to get done.  

The first one is a new kind of "Baptismal Quilt."  As I showed in earlier posts in this Blog, I make a quilt for every baby that is baptized at our church.  Lovely, fantastic!  Expensive, time consuming!  So, when faced with two baptisms on December 26 (you know, the day after Xmas), I decided the lovely amazing heirloom quilt project was not sustainable in any way.  

So, I sought advice on this dilemma from  Minister Angie, who quickly provided her Mom's recipe for the perfect baby blankie.  And, she is right, this is the perfect baby blankie.  

 It is so simple it's a sin.  You end up with a blankie that any baby or toddler is going to love.  It's not going to get hung on a wall of a nursery, it's going to get loved and played with and dragged around til it's in tatters.  

It's made with one side flannel and the other Minkee or similar fabric.  
The directions stated "cut a 42" square of Minkee."  Okay, I challenge every one of you to find a way to cut a piece of Minkee square.  I sure couldn't.  

Instead, I grabbed a bunch of the flannel yardage, tore off a piece that looked like a good size blankie, and then tore the edge off all 4 sides so it was "cut" on the grain.  After that, I stretched it onto my wall, pinning it in place, wrong side out.  I took the Minkee yardage and whacked off a piece that was somewhat larger than the flannel.  

Next, I sprayed the flannel with 505 Spray, and then stuck the Minkee, right side out, to that flannel, stretching and smoothing as I went along.  Once they were glued in place, I took them off the wall together and onto the cutting table, where I cut even edges all around, and pinned them.  

Next, it was sew around the edges with a 1/4" seam.  Increase your stitch length a bit or your machine will be unhappy about sewing the Minkee.  I sewed around it twice.  I cut a binding 3" (you need that wide of a binding to flip over the bulky seam) from the contrasting flannel, sewed it on using a 1/2" seam and then flipped it and hand sewed it to the back.  TA DA baby blankie.  

It is soft and fun.  When it is washed for the first time, the 505 will wash out and then the child has a blankie that is all crazy soft floppy textures.  Everyone who has touched it thus far has declared it to be the absolute perfect baby blanket.  Wouldn't look good on a wall, but will be a great source of comfort and love for a child.  


  1. isn't that the purpose? soft and comforting? looks like a winner to me. I love having flannel as a backing for a baby blanket even if it's a pieced top.

  2. That's what blankets are made for, cuddling! Reminds me a lot of something Anna had--was that fafa?

  3. Yes, Anna and her Fa-Fa!!! She tested this for me and declared it to be absolutely perfect, that's a very important endorsement.

  4. HI Angela,
    I have made a clover leaf shaped quilted wrap for nearly 30 years for babies of friends, families and colleagues. It is not inexpensive either but less expensive than some quilts to make. The clover leaf shape fits nicely in a car seat and later is good for a play mat. I have tied them but now I quilt them by machine. I do spray baste them and add bias binding to go around the curves.
    They have been well loved by the many owners.
    If you would like to see a photo of them you could find one here...
    Minkee is a slippery fabric but the spray does really help. I love it for inside the blankets-it is so soft and much more durable than flannelette.

  5. Anna thank you for that link, I love the clover leaf shape blanket, it is lovely!


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