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Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Reesie Kitten continues to thrive and grow, and is a robust 13 pounds and 8 months old now.  She is by far the most outgoing cat I've ever known, and is afraid of nothing.  The phrase "scaredy cat" is not in her vocabulary.  

I'm a little bit nuts, because when I am given the privilege of being the caretaker of one of God's precious creatures, I do my best to give that critter an environment and life that is interesting and satisfying.  They aren't humans, they are critters, they have different needs than we have.  
For example, cats need to climb and love to be UP.... sorta like this

Lucky Reesie!!  We have cathedral ceilings in our great room.  First she hops up onto the counter, and then onto the top of the fridge.  

From there, it's an easy climb to the top of the cabinets. The next maneuver is a 
 tricky trip over to the top of the window treatment on the patio doors.  

 Once she plays with the string and claws the treatment a bit more (we got this delicate netting treatment prior to Reesie), then she has to back up to the cabinet, down to the fridge, and launch herself onto the kitchen table.  
 Or, she may just lounge around in the dust.  

Some may read this an know that I've gone completely 'round the bend, and that's entirely possible.  However, I think that buying a $500 kitty climbing condo for an indoor cat is even more nuts.  And, for those of you that visit my home, please rest assured that my counters and kitchen table are washed with good old fashioned hot soapy water at least twice a day and anti-bacterial once a day.  Really, it's safe, come on over for tea!


  1. This cat reminds me of Oscar who, in his lighter days, used to climb as high as he could go. I like my little Penny who goes as high as the couch.

  2. Oh my! I hope that window treatment is secured well to the wall. Bella is half that size and doesn't climb higher than the table.

    Although she loves to go behind the teak entertainment center, climb through the back and pop out next to the tv. I haven't caught a picture of it yet though!

  3. I think it's time to attach some narrow 'stairs' to the walls and a ledge not too far from the ceiling, add a couple tunnels and you've got an extra happy Reesie!

  4. Oh, you got to look at my blog sometime when you have time and click on the label Bubbie...the list of labels is down on the righthand side. He is a character...


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