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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Not many of the quilting bloggers post the entire process of a quilt.  I thought I'd try it with a baby quilt I'm starting.  A few posts back I put pictures of the fabric and asked advice, and my sister kicked in with some good ideas.  

Here are the fabrics I am working with:  

The original plan was to make the pinwheels out of 2 and 6, with 4 as the solid block in between.  That looked not too good, and #4 has gone back into the stash for another day.  So, this is what I did instead: 

Ugh, I don't like it and have put this floral back into the stash.  When in doubt, I take a look at the color circles on a fabric, and the color circles on those two fabrics did not contain even one of the colors used in the other fabrics I had assembled.  I know it's not a hard and fast rule, those cute colorful circles, but I find them to be useful when in doubt.  

Here's what I put together instead:  

I like the contrast better than version #1.  Here's a picture from a bit further away, with version #2, the keeper, on top, and version #1 below.  Especially from a distance, I think version #2 is more appealing.  

Now, the other dilemma I'm dealing with is that the block size is 5 1/2".  My pinwheel blocks are all consistently ending up 1/8 of an inch short of that.  Very frustrating and something else to be figured out.  To make the pinwheels, I'm making the 1/2 square triangles out of 3 3/8" strips.  My 1/4 inch seams are spot on accurate, and I'm pressing the seam very well so no fabric can be hiding from me.   

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