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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, I've had a good time monkeying around with the fabrics and layout for the pinwheel quilt I'm making for a relative's new great grand daughter.  Took me a while, and in the last post I thought I had the design finalized, but I changed it up again when I went to the sewing room, deciding that there's no place in a baby quilt for those fuddy-duddy florals.  I wanted a more whimsical look, and here's what I got:  

I love, love, love the way it looks from across the room, almost as if the pinwheels are going to turn.  I put some selvage strips along the top, those will be the borders, but not necessarily in that arrangement and of course they'll be small medium large.  

Here's a couple of closer views.  

This has been great fun, getting this design in order.  My last few quilts have been designer quilts, with the fabric and design decisions already made for me.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to grab a pile of fabrics and patterns and let the creative juices flow. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Not many of the quilting bloggers post the entire process of a quilt.  I thought I'd try it with a baby quilt I'm starting.  A few posts back I put pictures of the fabric and asked advice, and my sister kicked in with some good ideas.  

Here are the fabrics I am working with:  

The original plan was to make the pinwheels out of 2 and 6, with 4 as the solid block in between.  That looked not too good, and #4 has gone back into the stash for another day.  So, this is what I did instead: 

Ugh, I don't like it and have put this floral back into the stash.  When in doubt, I take a look at the color circles on a fabric, and the color circles on those two fabrics did not contain even one of the colors used in the other fabrics I had assembled.  I know it's not a hard and fast rule, those cute colorful circles, but I find them to be useful when in doubt.  

Here's what I put together instead:  

I like the contrast better than version #1.  Here's a picture from a bit further away, with version #2, the keeper, on top, and version #1 below.  Especially from a distance, I think version #2 is more appealing.  

Now, the other dilemma I'm dealing with is that the block size is 5 1/2".  My pinwheel blocks are all consistently ending up 1/8 of an inch short of that.  Very frustrating and something else to be figured out.  To make the pinwheels, I'm making the 1/2 square triangles out of 3 3/8" strips.  My 1/4 inch seams are spot on accurate, and I'm pressing the seam very well so no fabric can be hiding from me.   

Sunday, November 14, 2010


At the hair dresser on Thursday he made my next appointment for six weeks away, which will be the week before Christmas.  YIKES, six weeks?  

So, I've put Diagonal Madness in a bin to the side until after the holidays and have started on the first Christmas present project, a runner for my daughter's boyfriend.  She chose the fabrics from my stash to match the decor in his room at college.  I would have NEVER put these fabrics together, but I think it's a grand match.  It's tough to see, but the white is a white on white fan shaped design.  

In this first picture you can see not only the runner but also the damage done to my design wall by darling Reesie Kitten.  I've got the wall wedged into a spot where it won't tip over if she decides to climb it.  She's not climbing it in my presence, so must be an activity for when I'm out of the sewing room, because the evidence is pretty obvious.  

I got this pattern off the web, and I really like it.  With the right fabrics you can get something that is simply smashing with minimal effort.  Of course, I haven't done the sewing yet so we'll see how minimal that is.  Once it's sewn I'll square off the sides and quilt it.  I may use a colored thread to add some interest to that stark white center block.  

This fabric I will use for the back and am not sure of the binding yet.  


How could I have neglected a Happy Halloween, especially when Dave and Anna carved up some great pumpkins.  I came across the photo of them and thought it was a keeper.  


Monday, November 1, 2010


In August we were a temporary foster home for the lovely Lucy, a Miniature Schnauzer.  You can read about her story in earlier posts, about how she was freed from a Puppy Mill to Schnauzer Paws Rescue.  Lucy was blind from juvenile cataracts, and in Rescue she received vision-saving surgery.  

Her permanent foster Mom, Denise, worked incredibly hard for this dear Lucy girl.  They were together for 10 months.  Denise's was the first real home Lucy had ever been in, Denise's love the first she ever received.   Lucy's happy story continues, as she and her foster friend Lady were recently adopted together.  Here is a picture of the lucky ladies after their new mom took them for a day of beauty. 

If you look back through this blog at the pictures of Lucy from August, you'll see the transformation is absolutely remarkable.  What a wonderful happy beginning for both of these girls, but especially for Lucy.  

You can visit Lucy and Lady's blog at schnauzerladies.blogspot.com