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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last week David and I took a few days off to spend time up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We have a condominium on the west side of the mountains, in the lovely town of Lincoln, New Hampshire, home to Loon Mountain.  On the other side of the mountains, we co-own a cabin built in 1942 by a bunch of very interesting, dynamic and intrepid young men upon their return from the war.  The cabin is located in Pinkham Notch, north of Jackson, New Hampshire. 

One of the men who co-owned the cabin back in the 40's is Ed, father to dear friends Scott and Glenn.  They grew up visiting the Schnifflager and skiing and hiking and eventually having some amazing parties there in later years.  I started going up to the Schniff in the later years, and then dragged husband Dave and other friends along.  Everyone fell in love with the place  Then, through a bunch of bizarro events, we now co-own the cabin with Scott and Glenn.  

So, we went over to the cabin and were relieved to see that it is still standing:  

 It is perched on the side of what we call "heart attack hill."  You park at the bottom and walk up, there's no other way to get there.  

Here's Dave walking up the hill as if it's flat ground, darn him:  

 And, here he is again, in the kitchen of the cabin.  All the comforts of home!!

Here's proof positive that I can still make it up the hill and still love the cabin, however, you may notice that I've not brought my jammies with me.  I'm headed back to the condo on the other side of the mountains for a hot shower, warm toilet, and other creature comforts.  

It's a wonderful place, this Schnifflager Loj.  We have the journals, which begin in 1942 and continue on to present day.  Fascinating reading, a lot of it unintelligible and I ain't saying why.  

Our children, Paul and Anna, will likely some day be the care takers of the Loj.  I know they can be trusted to guard it and enjoy it and make sure it stays alive.  I hope that some day they will bring their children there and spend days sliding on the rocks in the Ellis River across the road or hiking into Ellis Falls.  This is a place where kids can lose themselves in nature and card playing by the fire and love it all.  

And, we know the place will stand for a long time, as a number of years back we had the underpinnings replaced and the deck I'm standing on was built.  Can you imagine we actually found someone to carry all the lumber up heart attack hill and do the work.  

Here's a picture of those underpinnings.  Dave is making himself mad in this photo, searching for a key he had hidden under the house. 

And, of course, no cabin is complete without one of these:  

And, that's just another reason why I head back to Lincoln.

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