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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm still sewing away on Diagonal Madness, and have turned the corner on the inner section.  A couple of rows ago I finally got my rhythm established for picking the pieces for a row and assembling by chaining as much as I can.  It always takes me a while on a complicated quilt to get that groove going, but I'm in it now.  

Here's what half a Diagonal Madness looks like

I'm making this for friends John and Nancy and we had dinner out with them last night.  I had to deliver the news that this will not be on their wall for the Xmas season.  I just have too many other projects to start and finish before then.  Now I'm shooting for Valentine's Day.  I love making and giving a quilt to family and close friends.  I know that the quilt will be around long after I'm gone, and Nancy and John's children will look at the label on it and remember me and the fun our two families had together, skiing at Sunday River and sharing time on Sebago Lake in Maine. 

Here's another view

I love making this quilt but have to add that there is a reason it's called Madness!

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