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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, October 31, 2010


This morning I looked out in the yard to find Cassy and a large gold tabby cat hanging out together.  What the heck?  That went on for a while and then the cat got a drink from the pond and went on to her next social engagement.  I suspect she is not a stray, as she is very well socialized and apparently fond of dogs. 

Then, this afternoon, an old friend returned, you can just see her on the top of the steps

 When we first moved to this house, about 3.5 years ago, this cat was out and about and obviously a stray.  We didn't have a fence then and she would wander through every day.  Knowing she was a stray, I started to put a bowl of food out and every day at 4 she would come by for her dinner.  Then the fence went up, and time went by and we hadn't seen her for about a year, I figured she was gone completely.  

Today, at 5 or so, I looked out the window and there was Kitty, sitting on the top of the ledge, staring at the house, exactly the way she would had I previously dared to forget to put out her dinner.  I dumped a can of food in a bowl and Anna ran it out to the top step and kitty hid for a bit but returned and ate for a long time, savoring each bite it seemed.  

The neighbors have told us that prior to us moving to the neighborhood, a home on an adjacent street was occupied by an elderly gentleman who had a cat population that went out of control.  When he went to a nursing home, they removed over 50 cats and kittens from his home, and there were nearly that many as strays on the hill behind our house.  Animal Control was able to trap many of those strays but eventually stopped with their efforts, and apparently Kitty is one that was left to the wild.  I would like to trap her and take her to the feral spay/neuter clinic and then return her to the wild, but I suspect she's a bit too wise to enter a trap.   

So, it's time to put an old blanket into the shed in case Kitty or this morning's tabby cat decide to use the hole in the door to get sheltered on the cold nights ahead. 

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  1. Only 2 weeks ago a cat appeared in the garden where I am living. He is feral - no doubt but I have managed to get food out and I could see through the kitchen window when he was eating it.

    Like you I would like to get him to a Veterinary to be checked out and spayed/neutered. But there again he can 'read' my mind...


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