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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Just finished another quilt for a baptism this Sunday.  Got only 10 days notice and since I'll be away for a few days here, I got it done in 5 days.  How does this happen anyway, we planned our children's baptisms quite a bit in advance. 

Have decided to do all the baptism quilts the same pattern and with a muslin back.  This cuts out the amount of time and cuts down the expense dramatically.  And, it makes a nice light baby quilt.  this is the same pattern that the Downy Quilts for Kids project uses.  

I had both fabrics on hand so it was easy to get rolling very fast on this one:  

I am a novice machine quilter and only do straight lines from one edge to the other, and never too close together.  I did get brave on this quilt and started some of the lines within the borders, using my machine tack at the beginning and end of the line.  One set of the lines is 2.5 inches apart and the other is double that.  I don't dare do too close together both ways, I know I'll end up with puckers and waves. 

Here's what the back looks like, and you can see I would have gotten in trouble had I quilted too close.  Have gotten some tips from My Friend Sue on how to stay out of trouble, and one of them is to not put the lines so darn close.  

I really enjoyed making this quilt, even though it was in a bit of a rush.  After 2 years of quilting, I felt totally confident making this quilt and really felt like I knew what I was doing EVERY step of the way.  It was a really good feeling to have stored all the steps and tips into my addled brain.  Even though this is a very simple quilt, I know that the tips and steps are pretty much the same for all quilts.  

Now, I can back to Diagonal Madness, waiting on the wall.  


  1. Oh, it is a beautiful little quilt....I am making a quilt for my granddaughter and using a muslin back. It is her third quilt...what always slows me down is deciding what to use for backing, then comes the binding....and how to quilt.

    Your machine quilting is very nice.

  2. Thank you Sue and Rose! All the antique quilts I have are done with muslin backs, and since some of those are over 100 years old, I guess it holds up ok.

    And, thank you for the compliment on my machine quilting.... I'm learning bit by bit. I've found the right batting makes all the difference in the world.


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