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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I've got the house to myself today.... although in this house you are never truly by yourself because there's always a critter under foot no matter what you are doing.  But, all the humans had vacated the premises and that was good enough for me.  

So, it was on to the sewing room and Diagonal Madness.   I was chaining the 4 patch blocks for a couple of the rows

and was having an absolutely delightful day in the sewing room, music on, peaceful, steady pace, making progress, then the predictable happened.  


Reesie Kitten
Launched herself at this


And this is what the results of that foolishness looked like

Brand new Design Wall after Reesie's Great Climbing Adventure

Just a few of the 9 million pieces of Diagonal Madness that were on the wall before Reesie's Great Climbing Adventure

Now look at Reesie, does she look remorseful in any way?  

NO, she does not.  But, if I could have zoomed in closer you would see that she is very wet and pissed off.  

After the Climbing Adventure, I sat at my sewing table and watched that stinking feline and any time she walked within a foot of the design wall I gave her a blast on her back end with my squirt bottle.  It took 1/2 hour and many blasts, but she's now gotten the picture..... I think.  I love cats, don't get me wrong, but I sure wish they had a tiny bit of that desire to please that dogs have.  If one of my dogs went near the design wall all I'd have to do is say "UH!" and that would take care of that. 
I have to admit, it was really a great jump and she sure did hold on tight.  If the whole wall hadn't tipped over I'm guessing she would have made it to the top.  

Once the cat training was done and Reesie had retreated to her window shelf, I went over to start putting the wall back in order.  You know what?  The floor in front of the wall was soaking wet and I ended up on my butt on the floor.   At that point I retreated to the kitchen for lunch.  

Reesie expressing her Delight


  1. What a sweet kitty! Maybe you should send her to Caryl's house.

  2. Well, the terrier named Cassy goes with her, it's all or nothing. If I separated those two, things would get even worse!

  3. Oh, my....I am with you on loving cats, but wishing they had a bit of the desire to please. My original Cougar did have that...he listened when I said no, would come from near or far if I said his name, knew what 'Get Down' meant, etc. My current cat named Cougar does not even know his name and he is 2 years old!

  4. Angela! look how big she's getting!! and didn't you say at some point she'd probably be putting her grubby claws into it?? well, you had to know it wouldn't take too long for that to happen! she'll probably do it again some day.... :-]

  5. Reesie looks so big. My, how she's grown. Glad you didn't hurt yourself when your butt met the floor.

  6. Yes, Reesie is going to be a very big beast. She outweighs little Misty by quite a bit already and she is only 5 months old. The last picture in the series, of her in the crate with her yap open, was taken when she first came here. So tiny and adorable. Now she is starting to be a lot more of a lovey cat and loves laps and kisses.


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