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Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm working on Diagonal Madness.... again.  My first one was done with my choices of fabric and color.  This time, I'm using Kaffe Fassett's fabrics and have all pieces except for the setting triangles cut out, it's about 2,000 pieces:  

I've begun putting the pieces up on my new design wall:  

I'm making this quilt for friends John and Nancy who have a GIANT empty wall in their great room that screamed "QUILT" to me when I was at their home one night.  

I'm loving my new design wall.  My old one was on the doors of the closet which is behind the design wall in this photo.  I removed the doors from the closet to get better open storage space.  Today I got a 4 x 8 sheet of rigid 2" insulation that had a foil covering on it.  Then, lucky me, there's a store in our town that sells a very odd assortment of fabrics 59" wide.  My guys cut the board of insulation a bit and helped me stretch and staple on this fabric, which is like a cross between a light fleece and felt and is very sticky.  I would have preferred an off white or light grey, but for $10, I wasn't going to complain.  A lovely, lightweight design wall for under $50, pretty good I'd say.  And, it serves to hide all the shelving in the closet, which isn't always as tidy as I'd like.  

As we were making the design wall today, Reesie kitten was watching very closely, and I swear I saw a dialogue bubble floating over her head with the words "They are building me a climbing wall!!" in it.  


  1. Yay -- a huge design wall! Just what you need. That would be disastrous if Reese used it too. OMG -- I can't believe you cut all those pieces. I mean, I know that's what we quilters do but just seeing them all piled up there -- yikes.

  2. Madness, a good description of what you are doing there. And I can totally see Miss Reesie climbing that wall. And all those pieces will come tumbling down!

  3. It ain't called Diagonal Madness for nothing! And, let's not forget that once the middle is done there is a border of 9 patches to be added. The original pattern has it go straight from the middle section to the border. I add a 1.5 inch border between the two to break up the madness a bit.

    And, by the way, Reesie kitten was helping me put pieces up today. Now there's cute little claw pulls in the fabric down by the bottom of the wall. She got a good squirt from the squirt gun for that one.


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