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Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Now that it's obvious I'm sewing a lot and am going to keep on sewing a lot, I decided to finally get myself a proper sewing table.  I had been using an old desk but gave that to my son to use as a desk and so I was using a folding table that bounced (note:  not a good thing when embroidering a label with your machine).  

Stopped at JoAnn's last Friday and found this one, on sale for $99, usually $229.

Lucky me, my son is a whiz at putting together the kind of furniture that arrives in pieces in a box. 

If I take the sewing machine off the wing, and place it on top of the table, the wing folds in nice and neat to make a tidy looking cabinet.   Some people may sew with the machine on the large table part, and the wing out to hold a book or even a serger, but I like having the big table space available for pinning and arranging.  

Here you can see that there is a large table section that can be easily folded up if I pull the table away from the wall, which is easy because it's on nifty wheels.  When I need to run something big through the machine, I will do that, placing the machine on the large table surface.  

The project on the table is a Downy Quilt for Kids.  I needed a break in the cutting out of a full sized Diagonal Madness.  Madness is right.  

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