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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


If you have one of these

Reesie Kitten
 and/or one of these

Misty Dawg
in your sewing room, then you need one of these:

Oliso Iron
Because at some point this

Reesie Kitten
is going to launch herself from that cozy window bed onto this

and if you have an iron that has to be up on it's heel, then you are going to either have a fried kitty cat or a smushed one of these

on your sewing room floor.  

Just got the Oliso iron, so am still checking it out.  It is always flat, and when you aren't using it, as shown in the picture, it rises up on magic feet.  When you want to use it, you just put your hand on the handle and magic sensing things lower the iron onto the board.  It gets very mixed reviews online, but so far I really like it.  I think problems happen if you stand it up on it's heel as you would a traditional iron.  I didn't find it tough to break that habit, and am glad to have an iron that is not going to mush, maim or burn a critter.  I especially like that it's auto shutoff doesn't happen until the iron is untouched for 30 minutes.  My Rowenta shut itself down in 5 or less minutes and drove me mad. 

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