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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, August 29, 2010


My grandmother used to sew patchwork quilts by machine, using what ever old clothes or fabric was laying around at the time.  My sister and I each own a few of them and totally enjoy looking at the vintage fabrics and remembering what dress they came from.  We come from a sewing family and our grandmother made all of her own clothes, my mother all of her own and our clothes.  Many memories in the cloth.    Here are two of the ones that I own: 

This is my favorite fabric. 

 I do not remember what it was originally used for, perhaps my sister does.  I'd love to have yards of it to use now, for children's quilts it would be perfect. 


  1. these are special quilts indeed!


  2. I do not remember what that fabric was used for but in one of the quilts I have I recognize dress fabric from some of my dresses. There's probably some of your dresses in it too!


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