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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, August 29, 2010


The third quilt I made is a queen-sized flannel for my daughter.  I bought the flannels while on a visit with Sue in Pennsylvania.  Bought buckets of the flannels on sale with no ideas in mind.  My quilting teacher at that time came up with an idea and sketched it out and off I went.  The back is pieced, another trick I stole from Sue.  Also handy because I did not have enough of one fabric for a solid piece.  Now I prefer a pieced back. 

The blocks are flannel and the sashings cotton, necessary to get the wonkiness out of the blocks.  I say it was caused by the flannel, but was most likely due to my inexperience at the time.  This was another project my sister had to talk me through, and thank goodness she did, the results were smashing.   

This quilt I named "My Daughter's Eyes," after the Martina McBride song.  My sister was with me when we took it to The Chestnut Quilter near her home in New Hampshire.  I couldn't decide what pattern it should be quilted in, and so the quilter started asking about my daughter and we described her and then it was decided that Blazing Suns was the pattern to use.  This was the last quilt I made on the 99, I had fits jamming the bulky junctions  through that machine.  


  1. I love this quilt -- in person & in the pix -- looks great. Nice job! And I don't even like pink but it works so well here.

  2. This is a super quilt! Love the colors!

  3. I bet your daughter loves this.


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