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Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, August 28, 2010


One of the quilts I've been working on this summer is Kaffe Fassett's Earthy S.  I'm making it for my brother and his wife in Colorado.  It's at the quilter's now, but early on in the process my I sent my brother Mark and his wife Karen a tutorial on how to make a quilt.  They recently moved to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and the colors in this quilt scream "Colorado!" to me. 

First step:  Pick out a design.  Do not use a free pattern or a friend's book, because part of the game is spending as much money as you can.  See--I bought a whole book! 

Second step:  Go out and buy yards of the most expensive fabric available.  Bring it home, spend a lot of time ironing it, then cut it up in pieces.  

Third step:  Sew all those pieces back together again:  

Once you get all the fabric sewn back together into once piece, send it out to a quilter, thereby putting even more money into your creation.  

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  1. haha! I must say that is a very good explanation!


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