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Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, August 13, 2010


When I need a break between big projects, I either tackle a baptismal quilt for the church or a Downy quilt, for the Downy Helping Kids project, their website is here.   When you sign up to make a quilt for them, they send you the fabric and pattern and you supply the batting, make the quilt and mail it back to them.  They then give the quilt to a critically ill child in a hospital or hospice in the United States.  Here is one I will be mailing to them today.   

I machine quilted it using my new favorite easy quilting method that I call "the wave," inspired by My Friend Sue.  It takes very little time and is not at all fussy, so there's no worrying about the quilting lines looking even with the seam lines, because they aren't.  


  1. Hi- was directed to your blog.. I read your sister's blog. Very nice I always enjoy reading about adopted cats and dogs... we have 8 cats all adopted strays and feral cats, also have 2 dogs..one a rescue and one a puppy from a farm home to keep our other dog company...our first dog did a wonderful job helping to train the housebreak the puppy... the pup is now 2 years old....sorry to ramble. You know how we like to talk about our animals.... Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. Lovely thing to do!
    I am inspired.


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