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Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, August 29, 2010


My husband grew up in Western Pennsylvania, and his parents came from a very long line of farmers.  Both his mom and his dad grew up on farms that were large working farms.  His mom had many of the quilts from her childhood home, and now we have them.  These quilts were made to be used, it was how they kept warm, so they are very worn out.  In spite of that, they are still absolutely fantastic works of art, and when ever I take one out, I can picture my mother-in-law and her mom and sisters huddled around the quilting frame, passing the evening finishing a quilt for the winter.  This is one of my favorites, and I'd say it was made in the early 1930's:  

Here are some pictures of the many details of the quilt, look at all of the hand quilting:  
 I never did ask my mother-in-law why some areas of the quilt are a dark orange, I suppose they were using what they had on hand. 

When we would go to stay at her home, she would make the bed with sheets hung to dry in the sun (she never owned a dryer), and of course she ironed those sheets.  For warmth, there'd be anywhere from one to as many of five of these quilts on the bed.  Talk about comfort and joy!


  1. nice, and the simplicity of sitting around a quilt, chatting with women and not being stressed about something else you should be doing.

  2. Oh, this is a beauty....and I see I have missed so many posts. I will have to come back here. We are getting ready to go to our daughter's house to watch Lorelei tomorrow while she goes to the dr. But will be back...seen a lot I liked.

    I wondered if this quilt had been a different color and had just faded out. You know how some of the old fabrics would fade and actually change colors...like some of the greens would turn to a brown. But in all the quilt shows I have watched, I have never seen one faded to this color.


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